What would I say to you if this were my last day on earth?

Today 8th January 2013, I am faced with a similar situation to Ash Wednesday a day of extreme fires in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia about 30 years ago.  Vanessa was about 2 years old and we were at home – an evil day of high winds and heat and no idea when or where the fire would come from.  Constantly walking from one window to the next looking to see. Very scary!

Last night I received an SMS alert from the fire authority – There has been a catastrophic alert for the area in which I am staying in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Temperatures of over 40 degrees and winds of 80 kilometres per hour were expected.  Its not so much the heat, but the wind that can blow the embers more than 20 k’s from their source.

 In Adelaide all those years ago, had the wind not changed the fire which was about a kilometre away, would have been upon us in less than a minute, so I know the danger and have therefore prepared as best I can.  The car is packed, the dog and cat are being kept indoors so I can easily get them to the car if required.

 I sit, watch, wait for the SMS alert to my mobile and write. 

The big difference this year is technology and the ability for the authorities to send alerts via mobiles, to warn and advise evacuation automatically to various areas affected by this incidious menace we face, on it seems a regular basis with each state taking its turn.  This recent weather however is quite extra ordinary.  Nature has its way of keeping us modest!

 So what would I say if this were the last time I could speak to you, my friends and family. 

 There is only one thing that comes immediately to mind, and that is “I love you”. 

It did not happen this time and everything will be fine, however so many people live in regret for not having told the people they love the things that are important for them to hear. No one knows what the future brings and we should always try to be prepared.  (Girl Guide training) 

The most important thing is to live your life IN THE NOW!  As if it is your last and enjoy every moment.  Help as many people as you possible can.  Give without thought of receiving. Laugh and smile often  – see the funny side of difficult situations, Don’t take your life so seriously nor take offence at others comments (they probably have worse problems than you) Sometimes just BE  – you are a human being not a human doing, relax and take time for yourself.  Any decision you make is the right one.  Not making a choice is the killer.  Believe in your own abilities, skills and experience.  There will always be someone else better or worse off – which can make you either vain or bitter, so just choose to be the best YOU, You can be and most of all, Choose to accept things don’t always go the way you want – that can often be a blessing in disguise.  

Its never the wrong time to express your feelings of love to all.

I discovered am not afraid of dying – guess we really don’t have much of a choice in that do we?  Right now at peace and happy within myself, have always strived to do the right thing and help others as much as is humanly possible, have been rewarded with having so many wonderful friends and family who have given me so much joy and love over the years.  My greatest achievement thus far is giving birth to three amazing children who have grown into seemingly well adjusted adults – all of whom I am justly proud.  

 So dont waste a minute of time living in the past or future – Live Now!

Love you lots always!

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3 Responses to LAST DAY ON EARTH ? – Not

  1. Hi Viv 🙂 Thank you for sharing your blog with me. Nice to have a look at what you have been up too. I couldn’t agree more with you as far as living in the NOW and the positive message you are sending, so good on you and keep up the good work. I look forward to coming back for a read later on. Good luck with your travels and catch up when you return. Love Marie xxx

  2. Christie Fisher says:

    Hi Viv! Wow! Holy Moly what a wake up call! Scary, bizarre. and beautiful for how you are using the weather and fire that was nearly upon you in a positive way. I guess folks in California or Colorado or any other place, as there have been unprecedented wildfires that destroyed millions of acres and many homes and people’s lives were completely demolished or snuffed out. Cheers to living powerfully in the now and focusing on being in your heart and deliberately living and being in love and having compassion for others. XO Christie

  3. emm4phillips says:

    Fantastic blog – loved it and think I will print it to remind myself, although mostly I am the best version of me, occasionally I let other things interfere!

    Love ya Viv I am so glad that you are someone I have in my life even if it’s only been for a short time, the world needs more people like you xxx

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